Reference Documents

Last updated March 2017

Included in this presentation are six X12 Standards:

  • X12.5 Interchange Control Structures
  • X12.6 Application Control Structure
  • X12.56 Interconnect Mailbag Control Structures
  • X12.58 Security Structures
  • X12.59 Implementation of EDI Structures - Semantic Impact
  • X12.61 ASC X12 Design Rules and Guidelines

An X12 Reference Model

  • ASC X12 Acknowledgement Reference Model

An X12 Guideline

  • Compliance in X12

Intellectual Property
X12 holds the copyright on the Standards and associated publications designed to facilitate implementation of the Standards. Users of all X12 publications should be aware of the permissible uses, as well as the limitations on such usage, as outlined here: