X12's Web Pages

Early Sunday morning March 29th the X12 servers were the victim of a ransomware attack. As a result, all of X12's web pages are off-line. Among other resources, this includes:

  • www.x12.org
  • members.x12.org
  • reviewer.x12.org
  • forums.x12.org
  • store.x12.org
  • sso.x12.org

The content has been encrypted by the attackers. X12 is not going to pay the ransom since there is no guarantee that the content will be decrypted.

Work is underway to restore X12's web pages. At this time, 4 PM Pacific, March 31st, we do not know how long it will take.

The actively-in-use code lists are now hosted here: https://nex12.org/index.php/codes as we rebuild the site.

call X12: (703) 970-4480 email X12: info@x12.org
call WPC: (425) 562-2245 email WPC: admin@wpc-edi.com